Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good Night and Good Luck

Jillian Hartmann

Good Night and Good Luck is a journalistic inspiration for every reporter, anchor, producer, director and TV viewer. Edward Murrow, one of the biggest American broadcasting icons, was determined to speak his beliefs about Wisconsin's U.S. Senator, Joseph McCarthy.

Murrow is a one of a kind reporter who seeks for what is best for his company and the nation. As a reporter, you're the face of the company. Although there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in broadcasting, the most important aspect of a broadcast is the reporter delivering the news to the viewers.

The public designs a trust, a connection with news reporters because they are the people who are telling them what's what. If the public were to lose trust in a reporter, then they would lose trust in the news station and turn into a different broadcast. The public trust and the fearless act of exposing the truth are key components in broadcasting and both of those were challenged in this movie.

Edward Murrow. Photo Cred:
Throughout the movie, McCarthy is constantly accusing people of being Communists without proof. Murrow doesn't believe that this should be happening and he wants to get the truth out to the public. Murrow decides that it would be best to exploit McCarthy for what he is doing wrong. Morrow puts his career and the CBS station's reputation on the line to expose the truth on McCarthy.

Sure enough, Murrow's discrimination on McCarthy leads to an accusation that he, too, is a Communist. Murrow knows that it is all lies purely designed to scare his team away from the investigation so in response, the news team goes further into the investigation. Murrow and his team dig deep to expose the truth about McCarthy because both Murrow and his news crew believe that the public has the right to know the truth.

By digging the dirt, investigating the facts and forgetting about the consequences, Murrow and his TV crew were successful in delivering the truth to ensure the public's trust. Their desire to broadcast the truth knowing there could be consequences behind reporting the story was irrelevant when it came down to doing the right thing.

Below is a Youtube link to Edward Murrow's actual news broadcast on Joseph McCarthy.

Reporting the truth comes with a price and in this case, the price was far greater than expected. This investigation inspired generations to come in the broadcasting business. By going into a story with the desire to find the truth without being biased on whether it shines someone or something in a negative light is important for a reporter.

Murrow and his news crew influenced me to be the best reporter I can be, to report not only the best news but the truth. Without the news, the public wouldn't know what's going on in the world. As journalists, we have the responsiblity of making the public aware on what's happening. Every minute of everyday, news is happening and it's our jobs as journalists to investigate it and report it to the public. Although there might be challenging stories to report on, just know the truth will always set you free.

Below is a link to the SPJ Code of Ethics on seeking the truth and reporting on it.

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