Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good Night, and Good Luck

Irma Omerhodzic

Movie Flyer.


You Can Influence Your Time 

Using Your Personal Ethics Guide During Decision Making Will Positively Change Everything 

Watching Good Night, and Good Luck embedded the knowing that sticking to one's personal ethic's code is always best, regardless of the life situation  one find's oneself intwined in. Murrow stuck by Milo's side knowing full well that Senator McCarthy would continue to aggressively accuse Murrow of communism as long as he continued to question the legitmacy of the way in which Milo was dismissed from the Air Force. 

Writers note: I am finding that if we take movies like this and not only realize what happened and how it affected the players in the movie, song, book, newspaper, etc., but to take the material our minds absorb throughout our days and learn to apply and practice those lessons in our own life that is when we are truly progressing and learning. This is taking knowledge and using it, this is wisdom.

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