Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When Does Leaking Go To Far?

Michael Bundt

When reading the articles regarding Wiki Leaks, one question kept coming to mind: When does leaking federal/secret documents go to far?

I am well aware that journalists in the past have used leaked documents to break big stories and try to inflict change against government corruption. But I don't get that feeling when I think of Wiki Leaks. I feel as though it is a shady operation in which they get their documents in questionable ways and post them online to get attention for themselves instead of trying to make a point.

Whether it’s the fact that they operate online or that they can release whatever they get their hands on, it’s just bothersome to me. Wiki Leaks can publish whatever leaks they get. Because they operate online and there is no way to stop an Internet site like Wiki Leaks, they basically operate consequence free. This brings up circumstances in which they can publish files that could be troublesome to some countries.

Another situation that is bothersome to me is that they are not run by a code of ethics. They can post whatever documents they want to. The problem is, how are they getting these documents? Are they paying people off? Do they have people inside the governments of countries?

I understand that most of the time, if you get a leak, it is under shady circumstances. But normally, you get your leak by someone coming up to a reporter trying to expose something corrupt or make a positive difference somehow. The difference with these leaks from Wiki Leaks is that I can't find a proper motive behind them. It seems more to keep a profitable site running than make change in the world.

Then, as I stated earlier, reporter get leaks from investigative reporting and sources. But when they don't have a leak, they are still doing other stories. How do you run a website whose sole purpose is to publish leaks? How are you constantly getting these leaks?

I just don't really like the idea of Wiki Leaks. It is totally possible that I am 100% wrong regarding the situation. There are just too many questions out there right now. It is still something very new to us and not enough information about it has come out.

I just want some of my questions answered and some more information regarding Wiki Leaks and then maybe I'll feel more comfortable with the site and its operations.

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