Monday, May 23, 2011

To buy or not to buy

Kevin Soncrant

New Technology, New Ideas

Growing technology has led to some difficult challenges for advertisers in today’s world. One of the biggest concerns for advertisers is the in home DVR, which allows viewers to fast forward through commercials on television shows that they record. offers statistics from numerous research studies done on technology and advertising. According to a Nielson Media research study done in 2008, 25% of U.S. homes have a DVR. Even scarier for advertisers is that by 2011 40% of all TV households in the US will avoid all advertisements within the TV they watch, according to a survey conducted by MediaMark Research Inc. This has led to many advertisers turning to product placement in television, movies, music and now even Twitter.

Tweets Worth a Pretty Penny

According to the article, “News organizations sign deals for sponsored tweets…,” by Adam Hochberg a growing number of companies are using sponsored tweets from actors, athletes, TV stars and even journalists to promote new products. These “celebrities” can earn a nice chunk of change for their praise of new products, but product placement may also end up being a huge money maker for Twitter.


Product placement is becoming an unavoidable aspect of our lives. Users that are not happy with their purchases are starting to blame the high paid celebrities who endorsed those products. One of the largest platforms for product placement is the music industry. Unfortunately this industry has also drawn some of the most criticism for product placement.

It’s Your Money

Advertisements surround us in our daily lives. Whether we like this fact or not it is still a fact, and a rather prominent one. While those who are getting paid to put these ads out should be held accountable for what they are writing and saying they cannot always be trusted. The potential customer is the one who makes the final decision and if they make their decision based on what a celebrity told them to buy then there is nobody to blame but the customer. It is up to the customer to do research on what he/she is buying and make a decision that he/she can live with. It may not always be the right decision but that is something that we have to live with.

Talladega Nights has a boat load of product placement. How many different companies do you see represented in this short clip?

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