Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Online Journalism Is Just Like An Onion

Truth and Progress in Online Journalism The Future is Key

Joshua Taylor

There is good online journalism, and there is bad online journalism. Just like there is good peanut butter and bad peanut butter.

Here is an example of a media outlet I define as “good” - The Next Web.

The Next Web is a non mainstream outlet that focuses on providing an international perspective of current events. They work in humor and purpose and typically are as objective as possible, but they are not afraid to take a stance when they are passionate on an issue.

Here is an example of an outlet I define as “bad” - Fox News Online.

Just like their parent media, Fox Online presents biased news with an agenda. They allow their beliefs to get in the way of their reporting, and subsequently they are criticized across the country.

By giving The Next Web and Fox News as examples, I now want to segway into discussing how broad online news is. From a major media outlet’s online version to a more low key media founded by several individuals, the potential and possibilities of online news is tremendous.

What is online news anyway?

Is a website that shares funny images with funny captions and has a community discussion regarding these images online news? One might argue that http://www.imgur.com is news, while many may argue that it is not.

Regardless of the majority opinion, I use this phrase instead of “truth” as that is a whole other can of pineapples, there is immense potential for creation and journalism online.

So... Now what Josh???

And like my mommy told me - with great power comes great responsibility. No, wait... that’s from Spiderman. I digress. And because of how true this statement is and how applicable it is, I feel that it is essential for the Society of Professional Journalists to refine and precisely clarify a new online journalism code. The internet is just too powerful for this not to occur.

Facebook already has millions of people’s lives in their databanks, so this must happen imminently. It is up to our generation to ensure that we use this fascinating medium and opportunity for the best and for a purpose - to progress, objectively report, entertain and make good use of the journalistic world.

A small committed group is the only thing that ever has changed anything.

And to close my blog, here is an example of “news” from www.Imgur.com followed by a video about the future and potential of the fantastical world of online journalism.

You may be wondering...

Question: It has layers and it can really stink.
Answer: How is Online Jour. just like an onion?

Thanks for reading.


P.S. Stay tuned for my second blog next week where I sail to sea on the ship of social media!

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