Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Endorsements via Twitter

Shawna Polivka

I am addicted to Twitter. Sadly, it’s how I receive most of my news these days. I follow my favorite celebrities who often endorse their products, shows, and albums on their pages. However, I never really noticed them endorsing products other than those for which they are known to support. Therefore, I took to my Twitter to find some undisclosed advertising.


On May 22, @Oprah, or Oprah Winfrey, Tweeted: "@Trinetta It's been so long since I had free time. stopped at Starbucks today? Had a moment. Knowing I had a moment.”

It is hard to tell whether she would be paid for the name drop. Anything that Oprah endorses flies off the shelves. However, Starbucks is so common these days it’s as if all other coffee shops fall under that same name.


On May 24, @sn00ki, or Nicole Polizzi, Tweeted: “Tons of good food here! Continuing my workouts and does anyone know where I can find some Zantrex fat burner in Italy? I am running out!”

I feel as if that was an obvious name drop. Snooki is always being criticized for her weight.


And on May 12, @jtimberlake, or Justin Timberlake, Tweeted: “Yes. Do it. Right now. With a splash of Drakkar Noir... iTunes: goo.gl/ZdLjY”

I think it is a great way for a product to obtain publicity as long as the celebrity endorses the product and likes the product.


I find that it would be a good idea to hashtag every endorsement with a #ad, as mentioned in the Poynter article, “News organizations sign deals for sponsored tweets, then do not participate in them.”

One of my favorite bloggers, Jenna Marbles, always gives a shout out to people who make the products she uses in her vlog. She has said that she even asks for free things if she promises to put them in her weekly vlog.

I trust her more because she openly talks about the gifts she receives. Being an advertising major, it’s easy to spot product placement and endorsements. If you don’t mention the gifts or credit the product, I’ll discredit your critiques fast.

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