Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Presence of Diversity in Journalism

Jeremy Lin
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In today's journalism world the emergence of diversity in the news room and just media in general has become a lot more present then you would see maybe ten to fifteen years ago. relating to myself personally i am an Asian-American studying journalism and observing today's media this is a topic that affects myself a lot. Diversity in any type of setting in this time and age is some that is very important, it something that provides a sense of inclusiveness and benefit the individuals that are involved whether it be the newsroom or your local restaurant.

The topic of diversity is something that in today's society can really change the public eye's perspective on a media outlet or news company. Around the world we conflicts and stories in the news that has something to do with rights of people and racial equality. Having newsroom full of people who all come from the same background and all of the same ethnicity don't have the credibility to cover some these stories that really do require some diversity and people who can really relate to the individuals who are really involved in the story.

Diversity in media is something that many around the wold try to embrace because it is something so important for people to see and relate to. Especially coming from just the perspective of the united states that considered to be a cultural meting pot that sense of inclusiveness in media is so crucial. A blogger by the name of Taylor Harris speaks on the crucial topic and what is being done to improve it in our country.

While we would all like to say that media portrays diversity well unfortunatley that statement is just not true according to one of our course readings niemanreports.org states that "25% of African Americans who said media accurately portrays their community" this is not a number to be proud of that is a small percentage of what the it really should be. with this statement that means Americans are really getting the wrong perspective about the how people's communities really are.

In our world today it is important for people to engage themselves into this topic of diversity involvement for there to be really change. Forbes tackles this topic and discusses what could and should be done.

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