Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Native Advertising is EVERYWHERE

Kate Farr

What is Native Advertising?
Native advertising is a tricky concept, and honestly very difficult to grasp offhand. Native advertising is a type of advertising, obviously, that almost disguises itself as an article full of information, when in reality, it is just paid and sponsored content. There are different types of native advertising. Theres article, videos, info graphics etc.

The difference between native advertising and advertorials is the style in the way the native advertisement is designed and produced. The content within the advertisement must match up the editorial style of the publication company of website that produced it.

Why is it so Gosh Darn Confusing?
Often native advertising gets confused with other types of advertising. These include content advertising, advertorials, etc. Native advertising is very specific and often deceitful. The way that some native ads are set up, consumers and audiences believe they are just simply reading an article or watching a video on informative content when it is really a sponsored native ad.

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Native Advertising- what you need to know by The Space Station Company

Most consumers have no idea what native advertisement is. Marketers and publishers even have a difficult time grasping the concept. It is so difficult to distinguish a native advertisement when it is hidden in content such as a video or article. Often consumers and audiences are scrolling through their timeline on any social media website and will scroll right past a native advertisement without any realization at all. If we educate ourselves not to fall in the traps of advertising scandals such as native advertisement, then maybe we will make smart consumer decisions.

Advertising: It's Tricky
Marketers know what their doing. They know how to get into the mind of a consumer. They know their audiences and what they desire in the consumer world. This all comes back to the topic of Truth in advertising. The FTC makes sure to keep a close eye on content in advertising that affects the health and financial well-being of a customer or consumer. this does not mean that marketers and advertisers don't use placement and native advertisement to their advantage.

Advertising in general is a combination of marketing and science. This concept can be referred to as neuromarketing. Basically is a simple sense, we subconsciously purchase and shop. Marketers are highly skilled in researching their audience's demographics in order to direct their certain advertisements towards a certain audience. Have you ever wondered why your on a Forever 21 website looking at dresses and rompers, then you go onto your Facebook page and an advertisement for that exact dress is on the side of your Facebook Page? That is not a coincidence.

Marketers track their audiences' interests, web searches, and different things that pop up in their browser history to correlate their advertising strategies to their interested consumers. It's all about being in the right place at the right time. This has to do with general advertising as well as native advertising too. Native advertising is deceitful, yet brilliant. Generally all advertising seems to maintain those qualities.

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