Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Is Diversity the Biggest Struggle For Journalists?

Nick A. Ursini

With the wide array of news sources ranging from the internet to newspapers, how does the media decide what is news? Does news actually have a definition? What I might think is news may not matter to you whatsoever. Having a wide range of sources and coworkers who come from different background and cultures offer a different view of life. So is there one solution to covering diversity and topics that may not be covered as much as they should be?
Beyond the Numbers: Josh Stearns
There is no secret that diversity is a major problem in the United States. But the difference in diversity journalism is slightly different. When you broadcast or write a story, knowing who your audience will make the most of your stories. It is one of the reasons journalism and the media is at an all-time low. Also, how do media outlets determine which stories are relevant? Location, striking/unusual, or recent/relevant information. Some events such as: Nevada Shooting, NFL Protests or Newtown deserve all the news they got, but other events are overshadowed during times like this.

Being in the media, you have a responsibility towards yourself, your company, and your viewers. This particular job very rarely if at all allows for second chances. Once you screw up, your credit and respect goes right out the door. You can try and apologize, but the damage is already done. Having a diverse newsroom enhances your station to become better. As a student who is from Connecticut, I did not know much about Ohio before I came here. I needed friends and fellow students to help me adapt to the different culture and scenery. Accommodating and collaborating

Take a Step Back and Think:
Ever been in a situation where you feel it is life or death on which ever decision you make? Feel like like you will disappoint at least one person or multiple? Or that there is not even a right answer to a situation? I have been in all three of these decisions multiple times. The only way I was able to get through all the situations were with the help of my team around me who came from all different backgrounds and cultures. Sometimes you may think what you are about to say or do will not cause adversity or negativity. However with recent advances in technology, advertising has caused major outrage amongst the community with controversial advertisements.

Some will agree and some will disagree, but diversity is still a very real thing in the world. It has been over 150 years since the abolishment of slavery, but even so diversity still is a major problem in the world. Yet, in the newsroom diversity can be very useful for more story opportunities, more chances to connect with the community and more chances to earn back the trust of our viewers as members of the media. Journalism is a more on the decline than the incline, something needs to be done to try and save journalism, all options are open at this point, even something some may find mind-blowing.

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