Monday, November 6, 2017

Is anything unbiased?

Maria Meece

Many Americans today don't believe a thing journalist says in the news. How can journalist expect Americans trust them, when everyone can see they have let the American people down in the past. It is our job as a journalist to stay as unbiased as we can. When we can't, we need to be able, to be honest, and step down from this writing, journalist position. It can be hard but it is our duty.

Is Trump the Cause of the Loss of Objectivity?

Objectivity can be hard to find these days in the journalist community. It was once where a journalist couldn't have an opinion about anything that they wrote about. Now, a journalist is straying away from this idea. Especially when we have a president that tweets whatever he wants to tweet. Things are becoming unprofessional! If we have a president that says whatever he wants to say, why can't a journalist? They are still just reporting the facts of society or the story.

Things are becoming so corrupt in society today, how are journalist supposed to stay quiet when nothing is really being done? The journalist wants to be heard and wants their work to be appreciated and talked about.

So, is objectivity impossible? Right now, I would say, yes. People want to be heard and not many people are listening. Our president is definitely not listening to the demands of the people. It is sad to say this. It is almost coming to the point that reporting the stuff that the president is doing is becoming comical, and it is. You have two extremes on both ends of the spectrum; on one end you have the president tweeting things that he thinks is funny and retweeting people that are making fun of others. Then on the other end, you have mass shootings and terrorist attacks. Journalist are reposting every bit of it. We want to see how the president will react and we want to see how society is doing after. How are journalist supposed to be unbiased when reporting tragic stories like this? It is almost impossible. We are all mourning. We are all in pain. So are the journalist.

So as you can see, journalist are having a hard time not voicing their opinions when stuff like this happens in our country. Anyone would have a tough time with stories like this, I know that I would.

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