Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Diversity: Fact or Fiction

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Brianna Reid

The fact is that no matter how far people think we have come, it is not far enough. Diversity in our nation is growing but are the effects actually being felt where they matter? The term diversity is supposed to bring about feelings of equality, fairness, and justice among all mankind. It does not do that. In fact, it sometimes does just the opposite.

Speaking as a black woman in America, I know what diversity looks like and I know what the lack of diversity looks like. I am inclined to say that the lack of diversity is much more prevalent, especially when dealing with mass media.

When I go to read news papers or I listen to news broadcasts, I am immediately hesitant to believe anything that is said for a number of reasons. The first and most important of those reasons is that I strongly believe mass media to be staged and following the agenda of the rich and powerful. I grew up in a predominantly black environment where it was a common consensus that news was going to be slanted and in favor of "the white man" and his outlook on life. I never put much stock into anything mass produced because of this.

Another huge factor in my lack of faith in media is the blatant bias against minorities.The most obvious example is the way people are portrayed in the news based on the color of their skin or their ethnic background.  For example, a white man or woman will be called troubled, misunderstood or mentally ill for committing the exact same or an even worse offense that a person of color, especially black and Hispanic people. White mass murderers are called lone wolfs and their hobbies are used to describe them. Meanwhile, people of color are called criminals and any dirt from a past incident is dug up and used to profile them as dangerous and a threat to society. This type of behavior has serious effects on how the public views black people.  Media Effects How We View Black Men

How can this type of rhetoric keep being used and no one see a need to make a change? The simple answer is that change cannot be made without a conversation: an open discussion on and acknowledgement of the problem. Let's be real, what are the chances that the topic of diversity, racial bias, and equality will ever be discussed in a civil and honest manner? It likely will not.

The history of this country and its racist roots go too far back and effect too many people. They have shaped too many ways of being and validate too many people's behaviors and mindsets to be fixed now. America refuses to be honest with itself and learn from the past as described in the following article. Learn From Your Past, America

If I am being honest, I do not think true equality will ever exist in this country and that extends to our country's media. There will never be a time when history does not leave a bad taste in the mouth's of the people. Reality is based on perspective and everyone sees it differently.
Think. Will there ever be a time when you can convince a white supremacist he is wrong and should accept people of color? Will there ever be a time that you can convince a stereotypical suburban white person that their ignorance of racism is part of the problem and that they should do more? Will there ever be a time when you can convince a person of any minority that they are exaggerating the level of bias and being too sensitive? Probably not all at the same time!

Their perspectives and realities are too different. Their backgrounds are in too much opposition to one another. They have been raised to feel this way and they feel validated in their feelings. These are the people who will grow up to work in politics, business, journalism, etc. This is why no matter what, it is likely news and media will always be viewed by someone as being biased and lacking diversity.

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