Monday, September 23, 2013

Money Matters

Johnny Carpenter

Money matters; we all know that.  Money makes people do and perform certain actions that are blatantly questionable.  Money puts a certain motive in individuals heads that will make them act and present themselves differently, we just don't expect it out of our journalists.  The highest regard of trust is balanced in our journalists, and we expect nothing but the truth.  Through these readings, we as readers can obviously see the role money plays in certain circumstances.  Money swindles people.  Money puts on a front for those who will dive into it.  Yes, money is important, but it shouldn't control your honesty or independence, as said in article one.

"With great power, comes great responsibility," said comic book creator Stan Lee.  Little do readers know, but journalists have such an intriguing power stance in today's society.  We buy into the news and infatuate ourselves into articles and newspapers basically describing things throughout the world that can be taken in various different ways.  That being said, a journalist who plays Russian Roulette with their audience by having them second guess information is overall the greatest negative.  Journalists shouldn't be easily persuaded, but when such a thing like money is involved it makes it that much harder.  The responsibility to provide truth and loyalty is undoubtedly thrown away when say a journalist is "bought" into false advertising for another company, product, etc.

We believe in journalists.  Journalists provide information and news that is more than likely hidden, yet when bribed by banks, we tend to then question that journalist.  Bribery has taken journalism by force because when money is presented, in whatever the case may be, journalists can be easily swindled.  We don't like to hear about it but it's for our own good.  No one likes the shady side of dealing with money and information, let alone the two combined.  Journalism has taken so many different tolls in it's international growth, but the way money skews the writer has to be the most depleting stance.

With all the negativity surrounding money involved with the press, the one great positive is truth.  Truth is an entirely different ultimatum.  Money can make you, but truth can break you.  So a journalist has all the money in the world but lied and was marketed by a certain business. That journalist will forever be unfaithful, not only to their readers but to him/herself.  We can now see the position our local and international journalists are in.  Money should obviously be something we want, but not something that makes someone into someone else.  Journalists pride themselves on their word and their writing.  Once money makes its way into that mix it's a whole different ball game.

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