Monday, October 30, 2017

Let's Talk About Ads

Brianna Reid

Advertising is king in this digital era. Advertisements literally surround us and motivate everything that we engage in. Our favorite tv networks are in part supported by ads. Our sports teams are supported by ad/sponsor money. Our favorite actors participate in ads and regularly promote brands. Our society revolves around advertisements. You would think we would be used to it now.

We are not, clearly!

I think it is safe to say that most people hate ads. It is probably not all ads, though some can be funny or useful but a large majority are repetitive, unwanted, and a nuisance. Yes, there are various kinds of ads and various mediums, but to some degree, the feeling pertains to all of them. There was a survey done to identify the most unwanted kind of ad; please look at the results. Why are Ads Annoying

In case you did not look at the survey, the results revealed that the most annoying ads are the ones online. Of course! Those sneaky little companies trying to invade on our computer time. The dislike has grown even more now, though, because they have taken it upon themselves to infringe advertisements on our social media. Our place of release and leisure. Our place to connect with friends. Have they no shame.

I guess from company's perspective it does make sense. We spend so much time on social media that they want to capitalize on that. Every other day, I think I see an article talking about the extreme popularity and success of these ads. Social Media Ads Will Explode  Maybe I can admit I have found a useful ad here and there on Facebook or Instagram, but more often than not I think I have just been annoyed. So annoyed, that I felt like I was looking at a screen like this.

I could be slightly exaggerating, but you get the idea. Ads are everywhere and for everything. Well known companies and little startups alike grace my timelines on a regular. I used to not mind them, but I have reached the point to where I am relentless with my block button. I block ads that might even peak my interest just because I know if I dare accept the one, ten more just like it will find their way onto my screen.

I can admit that sometimes the social media ads can be a plus. Knowing their consumers' habits and preferences is part of the process and necessary to be a good business. In this aspect, I understand. I just think there should be some limitations.

I do not think small, no name ads should be popping up regularly on my timeline. You have no established base and I am not interested in you. Sometimes these ads could even be fake. It's too easy to achieve space sometimes.

Another limit could be that only so many ads can pop up in one viewing session. As a consumer, I know what I want and I am well aware of how to get it. If I decide I want to look for a product then I will. Until that time, I need my space from all the additional ads. I would hate for it to get to the point that I get clicker happy and press block before I even read the print. They need to be more considerate of my time and space! The goal is to avoid excess, irrelevant, or unsolicited ads.

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