Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Is New Media A Hoax?

Perry Yert

New Media

In the article, Who Cares If It's True by Marc Fisher Buzzfeed is described as a big, profitable, and influential news organization. Readers often times have a difficult time differentiating however between what is true media and what is for pure entertainment. This is partially due to the headlines of articles or quizzes the site endorses.

 In new media, digital journalists are essential for quick reports. Whether the information is true or not is not the main priority, instead it is timeliness. Eventually, the Internet will correct the false information, right? Journalists want to publish news now, and quick, because readers have access to it at all times through their iPhones. This does not take away from the fact that false information will always be linked back to your source as non-credible.

Getting things right at the start has great value. The battle between new media and print media then becomes irrelevant when following the journalistic code of ethics. Truth is a main value for journalism. It tests accuracy, helps resist manipulation, and refrains from making false claims. To do this, is to advance the interest of the public. It does not matter where the information came from, a reporter, online site, or newspaper, as long as the information is thorough, all media matters.

How Truth Advances A Company's Reputation and Voice

In the article, Commentary On Truth In KFC Marketing by Bob Garfield the image of KFC is discussed in regards to recent scandals. Aside from KFC labeling their food and advertising it to the public as "healthy food," they contradict themselves in many ways. First, falsely advertising their food puts customers at risk and gives their company a false name. No one wants to associate food and health with a lying company. Also, as they partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support breast cancer, they propose a 50 cent donation with each purchase of a KFC pink chicken bucket. So as they are supporting a foundation that relies on health and health based facts, they are contradicting this by suggesting customers divulge themselves in unhealthy food.

Bottom Line: Truth is essential in journalism. Truth is essential in maintaing a positive image for your company. Always think of the advancement of your audience. Use credible sources!

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