Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ethics in Journalism Today

Jacob Solether

Transparency and Community 

There is a new list of guiding principles for journalists to follow today. As result of the digital age, transparency and community are two very important aspects of journalism, which must be at the center of any journalist's set of values. Seeking and reporting truth is still the primary job of a journalist, but if they happen to act without transparency and community, it may lead to the fall of democracy... big brother will run wild, and the little man on the totem pole will get stepped on.

The role of the community in news reporting has become more important today than ever before. Fact checking information is an important responsibility for citizens. Due to the contemporary digital era, social media and the Internet allow communication to travel faster than ever before. It's now up to citizen journalists to silence the noise and to find the truths in the news because, one, there is so much information out there, and two, people have agendas and are trying to mislead you.


A journalist without credibility reminds me of some of the landlords in Athens. If you have a bad experience with them once, you're more than likely to not do business with them again, and you're also probably going to warn the next guy or gal who is thinking about renting from them to steer away from the trouble. The same thing can be said for journalists. It's detrimental to a journalist's reputation when it's tarnished in anyway and, without credibility, it will be nearly impossible for a journalist to sustain and gain readership. The faster the we receive the news, the better? Not so fast. Accuracy is more important than anything else. Society must know the truth and that is why it's up to journalists to inform it. However, if the bond of trust is broken and the credibility is lost, then there is a failure in the relationship and, more importantly, the system. This cannot happen.

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