Sunday, November 15, 2015

Trusting… Clashing… What's going on?!

When Media has become the enemy

Alexandra Hambleton

         Why is it that now we have the media getting pushed away from history in the making? If protests are happening, why do they not want this to be documented? To me, it seems that society is pushing away from the media and wants a change of pace. But do we have a split society as well? Does some of the society believe in the media and what they are doing while others are wanting change? What about the people who are working for the media? What are they thinking? Do they still think about their codes of ethics when they write stories?

          During the protests in Missouri a reporter was trying to take pictures and the protestors did not want him to so they pushed him away saying it was their right to "walk forward."To see this video, go here. In the video it seems that the reporter pushes back just as much and you can see that everyone in the video is getting very anxious and agitated. Even as someone just sitting on my couch and watching the video, I started to get very angry that a reporter could not do his job. I also did not like the videographer having a little bit of attitude to the lady who would not let him ask her questions. It seems that there is so much understanding going on and I wish I could understand what to do to make it better.

screenshot from the videographer's video   credit:google images
          According to this article, from the NY Times, it all comes down to affirmation. Brooke Gladstone, the author of the article, stated "Americans say they want accuracy and impartiality, but the polls suggest that, actually, most of us are seeking affirmation." But is that what we really are seeking? How do we figure this out? We have gone to a new generation with social media that gives us as a society, the power to say what we want. With so many different opinions and clashing ideas, it means that there are sides to every story. I believe that we as a society need to figure out what exactly we love about living in the United States and go back to the days where media was here to bring us all together.

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