Sunday, November 15, 2015

Trust In The Media

Kate Fickell

1. Why Has Trust in the News Media Declined?
- At the University of Missouri, students protested racism on campus and confronted Tim Tai when he tried to document their reaction to the resignation. Half a century ago, young people who protested would enlist the media in their fight. Now polls show that trust in the news media has fallen. Why do so many people not trust the media and what does that mean? Continue reading to find out!

2. Video: Student News Photographer Clashes With Student Protesters
- Protesters blocked the photographer Tim Tai from taking photos on a public section of the University of Missouri campus. During the video, here are some things that were said. "They're pushing me," said Tai as students pushed him back and tried to block him from taking pictures. "Hey hey, ho ho, reporters have got to go" is chanted by students around the photographer. "This is a first amendment that protects your right to stand here and protects mine," said Tai as people continue to tell him to leave. "Hey who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here," said a woman when the videographer refused to leave. For more information about this dilemma, check out the article and video at The New York Times.

3. 'Trust' in the News Media Has Come to Mean Affirmation
- Ever since 2005, trust in the media has gently drifted downward. Americans say they want accuracy and impartiality but the polls suggest that most are seeking affirmation and want the news to be patriotic. Also, trust in new media always dips in election years. The Internet has changed society's relationship with the news. For example, some news organizations base their business models on mainstream media. The Internet has also leveled the playing field between all powers. Now readers can quickly gather information and challenge narratives.

Jay Rosen
Press Think
4. Young Black People See the News Media's Double Standard
- Here are a few reasons why many Africa-American youth distrust mainstream news media. It is hard to trust an institution that: ignores you unless you are perceived as causing a problem, ignores your history except for one month, that gives you two choices of thug or saint, that rushes to find culprits when white children are killed but not black children, and that ignores the strengths of your community by reducing it to statistics. With these patterns it is hard for African Americans to trust the mainstream news media with stories about their lives. Click on this link for an example. A young black boy is captioned with looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina but a white couple is wading in the water described as searching for food.

5. Liberal News Media Bias Has a Serious Effect
- News media bias is real and reduces the quality of journalism. This creates distrust among readers and viewers and is bad for democracy. All news outlets are biased toward an eye-catching narrative and studies consistently show that reporters and editors stand to the left of the American center. The slanted coverage leaves conservatives distressful that the news media will cover them fairly. Democracy needs a trustworthy news media that better understands all sides.

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