Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Take in and take out

Xiaohan Mu

     Sara Worley, a blonde girl with a bottle of vitamin. She stands beside the window, took a pill, and smiles at the sunlight. The moment I saw her, she was in the dining hall, looking upset. She kinds of caught my attention because everyone in that moment was hungry and so in need for food. It is hard to not pay attention to her since she looked so different in a group of happy people who are eating, chatting and being poisoned by food. 
     It was the first time I met Sara. It was also my first year at college, my first year in America and also the first time i get to know American food because I eat at school all day. Occasionally I get uncomfortable after eating in dinning hall, but I don’t understand why she gets to upset facing food in dining hall. 
     As far as I remember, she was a skinny girl with colorless skin. She does everything to her best, and try to make everything perfect. She has a nice rule to herself that she makes her own food as long as she has time. She was too busy to do so the day I met her. 
      As I slowly becoming friends with her, I get to know her better. I understand that she used to be a huge fun of the dining hall, she loves the friend chicken at shivery, the Chinese food in Nelson and the curry in Boyd. Until one day she saw a fly swimming in her yellow curry with beef. 
She never really touched the fly, she said, but the only thing she did was run out because of her OCD to how clean the food is. I personally didn’t know if it is true, but I started really care about the sanitation of the food. I did lots of research with her.
      Through out the reading we had this week, I learned how big a threaten foodborne disease could be, which makes sanitation a serious problem to think and discuss about. According to the chart provided in the article, there are possible risks for almost all kinds of food you eat each day especially meat. Food safety problem occurs in multiple countries but appears only in three places which are restaurants, schools and hospitals. From my personal experience at school, dinning halls at Ohio University are all neat and clean.
        University dinning halls are such risky place for food safety problems since there are thousands of students and faculties living and eating there. Unlike restaurants, people in universities are relatively constant. Most of the students would stay 4 years or more in a university which makes it even more important to focus on sanitation. From my personal experience, Shivery and Nelson did a nice job keeping their public space clean. They keep cleaning the tables and counters multiple times a day and i now that they have a strict policy back int heir kitchen. Such as nail polish, hair pull back and so on.

        When talking about personal sanitation, I think those policies are quite necessary. It would be too annoying for me to find a hair in my food. Also since dinning halls at OU both have open kitchen, people can see clearly how they make food, it would be a torture for students if employers have their hair messed up or wearing shinning nail polish. As a result of which, details should be considered firstly such as wash hands regularly, avoiding jewelries and wearing gloves. I had also seen the food pedal underneath their work place, which makes sure that employers don’t need to touch the sink, and prevent the infect of virus.

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