Sunday, November 8, 2015

Life After War: What the Media Isn't Telling Us

Tiffany Bey

Millions and millions of Americans go to war for our country every year.  When you you watch the news and they're talking about "war" or "veterans", the story is usually about something dealing with politics, troops coming home, or a brave troop becoming a hero. All of these things are great things to talk about and cover, but what about the underlying problems that many veterans really go through as a result of the war?

Television news and magazines do discuss "life after war", but the main thing that they always talk about is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Although PTSD is a disorder that many many veterans develop over the years from being in battlefield, there are other things that these veterans go through that the media isn't discussing. Being angry with God, having a challenging time connecting with their kids, and not being able to live a regular life. 

The blog site "Exit Wounds: Life After War-Soldiers' Stories" is an excellent medium for people to understand what it's really like after war for many veterans. The blog site has many pictures of many different veterans and a quote from them about how the war has made their life harder and the issues they are still dealing with. 

I think the media needs to report more about this issue because this is something that has been an issue for hundreds and hundreds of years now. Our troops need to see that the media supports them and is taking the necessary actions to . In addition, many people don't know about these other issues that the media isn't reporting, and since many people get their news from television news, it would raise more awareness for news outlets to start reporting these kinds of issues so that people can learn more about it. At times, the media only gives the viewers a glimpse of a story, but lets improve that and began to tell the whole story for our veteran's sake. 

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