Monday, November 30, 2015

Comments section issues

Blaise Weber

The internet has changed the game for so many industries. It has made shopping easier, connecting with friends simple, and served as a bank of knowledge in so many industries. The internet has changed the world in both good ways and bad ways.  The good ways include helpfulness in categories such as travel, education, communication, dating, and so many others.

The internet can also be a place where evil malicious things are done. The same way bad things can be done in a house, restaurant, library, concert or any other place. The internet is simply a tool, and is up to its users to decide its positive value to society.

Communication, as listed before, is an industry completely revolutionized by the internet. People from all over the globe can communicate within seconds. Social media has made it simple to share an opinion or spread an idea all over the globe. The wide spread of ideas can help advance society in many ways. It can also be a bad thing. In most recent world events, groups like ISIS use the internet to spread ideas of hate. 

One particular problem the communication industry is having is the malicious content of comment sections. Online comment sections allow users to share opinions anonymously. This wouldn't be a problem if people didn't  use this advantage to say terrible malicious things to others.

Insecure, rude people use this tool to spread hate that they have in their heart, and have to suffer no consequences for their actions. They say hateful things to other commenters, and writers.
Constructive criticism is good for a writer, and he or she should be able to take it, but no writer should be absolutely torn limb from by simply having an opinion.

Social media like twitter and facebook has become the solution to this problem. Newspaper sites are sharing the stories on these sites, and using them as the comment section. So users can't say whatever they want without consequence.

I'm a strong believer in this approach. I feel that if you have a problem than with someone you should say it to them, and not duck behind the mask of a comment section. News sites have a job to do. Tell the public what it needs to know. Not give rude people a place to be rude.

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