Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What You See Is Not What You Get

Kaitlyn Shive

"I wasn't the first to tamper with news photos and, unfortunately, I probably won't be the last." said by veteran photographer Allen Detrich.

Aj Archive produced an article about Detrich and his misconducts with editing news photographs. Unfortunately like Detrich said above, he won't be the last to tamper with important photographic images.

Our generation has become so obsessed with the idea of perfection and having everything look like they want it to look instead of how it looks in reality. There are many images out in the world from social media sites, magazines, newspapers etc. that have been photoshopped, airbrushed and other ways tampered with to look a certain way.

The media now a days portrays women and other socialites or those of importance in a way that is completely false. This honestly confuses me because there are times when magazines will photoshop celebrities on one cover but then in the next issue there are photos putting those same celebrities on blast for their flaws. What kind of mixed message are we trying to send to younger generations? That you should be ashamed of your flaws but were going to make you think you look better than you really do? It is confusing.

An article by the New York Times talks about what magazine editors take out as well as retouch. "Skies are made brighter, animals become flawless, grass is made to look greener." said Christine Haughney of the New York Times.

Picture courtesy of: drunkonpop.com
As you can see there have been many edits to the photograph of Britney Spears above. They changed her hair color, skin tone, waist line and more.

There are many different sites and apps that are accessible to the public now that it is easy for anyone to edit their pictures or other peoples pictures. 

This dove ad shows exactly how they can transform a normal woman's face into a supermodels face.

These kinds of ads are setting dangerous examples to young women around the world. Showing absolutely perfect looking woman on billboards, magazine covers etc. gives younger girls the sense that they need to look like that too if they want to end up famous or well known.

If magazines showed the real images of celebrities on their covers, I personally think they would make more profit. Women would be interested in reading that magazine if it looked like it would relate to themselves or that they would finally be able to see that an image was not edited extremely.

Magazines, billboards, advertisements all need to start editing their pictures less and embracing the beauty of the person they are photographing for how they are.

It is said that newspapers do not edit their photographs and if one is caught doing so like Allen Detrich, they are immediately terminated. They do not want to be showing false images which is what I think everyone social media, online and print publications should be doing.

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