Thursday, September 3, 2015

Education Entitlement to All

Tasha Penwell

Education. Merriam-Webster has two basic definition for this word. 
        1.  the action or process of educating or of being educated
        2.  the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process

What I find amazing about the concept of education is that while the general premise of its definition remains unchanged, the methodology of education is evolving and the professional and social media play a large part of sharing how education is truly expanding.  This evolvement of education and community and truth is found in media often in relation to how lessons are shared and, thus, its impact on the world.
An example of how education encompasses the magnitude of what tutelage can bring is spoken with two well-known words – “Hello World”.  For beginning programmers, these two little words hold significance similar to hearing your child say “mommy” for the first time.  It’s the pride of seeing the progression and love for something come into fruition.  Just as a mother coaxes her toddler to say that precious word, a programmer coaxes the computer to also speak the magical words that signify success.  I can’t say that both events hold equal weight in significance in life – but they are both pretty darn good. 

So back to the point of “Hello World” and what exactly it means, how does one learn to communicate with the computer?  It’s not quite as simple (I’ll use that term loosely) as communicating w/ a toddler.  While the concept of speech is innate in all of us in one form or another, the language needed to communicate to computers isn’t so much.  So how does one learn?  How does one open up their world enough where they can peek through and say those two little words?  Yes, of course, there are traditional means of education via collegiate programs that provide instruction and that piece of paper that you now certifiably know what you’re doing (your diploma).  Tell me something. How much weight do you feel the diploma actually carries for you in terms of your acquisition of knowledge?  What does it mean to you short of a foot in the door for a career or maybe even some bragging rights?  Not a whole lot.  It’s easily replaceable for a nominal fee.  So what makes this piece of paper worth the thousands of dollars spent to earn it?  This piece of paper is to signify what is in your head – the knowledge that accumulated via working through the problems and reading the texts.  So, if the knowledge is the true value – why does it matter what medium it comes through?  Everyone has a different style of learning and one is, by no means, better than the other.  The value behind the diploma is the predisposed mentality that our society has which, unfortunately, most of us succumb to because the alternate path is new and questioned regarding it’s true ability to educate.

The concept of ethical responsibility in utilitarianism includes the belief of sharing knowledge - not hoarding it or keeping it for ransom.  The expansion of availability can be easily found thanks to those who share a similar mindset and feel that each person is as important as any other and that all are entitled (yes, I said entitled) to their fair share of access to means that will improve themselves personally and professionally.  All persons should be able to access an education even if it’s not through the same medium.  All persons should be able to generate the true fortune that comes with education – whether formal or informal, traditional or non.  With the advent of the interactive tutorials and education materials, the availability of education is more widespread than ever before.  This means that all persons have the ability to be a product of the educational resources that are widely available with little to no cost.  With the resources available online such as,,, – not to mention the wide array of tutorials available on sites such as, society is showing that education is versatile not only in implementation of the lessons learned but also in how these lessons are taught.  Society and educators are taking a different step in teaching so that the audience can be more expansive than before which, in turn, proves to be beneficial for society as a whole.  It addresses the fact that there are educators and students alike who do not fit the status quo of isolated education reserved for the select few but instead should be shared amongst all who have the desire and will to open their eyes and say “Hello World”.

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