Monday, December 2, 2013

Do what you want, say what you want

Alexandra Newman

Our society has turned into such a tightly knit group. It’s honestly hard to find someone who doesn’t have one single interest you do. We all do the same sort of activities and we all have Facebook. It’s quite interesting how society has evolved into this patchwork quilt of sorts that allows us to all coexist right along side each other.

Nowadays most people get their news online. We read millions of stories posted every second. Whether that be from Twitter, Facebook or a reputable news source. When we receive this news we usually have a way to comment on it, whether that be in a comments section or on our own page, shared to all of our friends. 

I find it interesting that publications take information, comments and trends from the Internet and use them as facts and numbers in their news stories. In reality it is probably true to say that most of those trends out their ARE what actual people are talking about. It's odd to say, but I think the number of parody accounts and fake people on Facebook (at least) has decreased a lot in the past couple of years. 

I don't get nearly the amount of friend requests from people I don't know than I used to do. It's a turn of events that I personally have seen. This may not be true, in fact there are numbers to support a rise of them on Twitter, but it seems people enjoy them. There is actually a debate about whether you should stay anonymous on your parody account

Now I find this just really bizarre that the world has come to this, but with information moving so fast around us, it was going to be time sooner or later when we saw the change in the Internet and found out what we can and cannot trust. If you stay to reputable sites you can get the information you need; if you watch parody accounts some information may be skewed. People are going to believe a lot of things that are put in front of them without questioning it. 

I think our job as journalists is to question everything. Here is an example of a journalist doing just that: Questioning everything. 

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