Thursday, October 29, 2015

Once Upon a Good Ad...

Today as viewers and as consumers, we are entitled to not only take the words we hear but pass along the message that we received. Advertising is the top priority to money making for any company, they want us to see the product and talk about it. So, they put their brand all over the media we see it, we believe it and we talk about it.

In this weeks reading How news organizations can sell sponsored content without lowering their standards. “Going beyond banners and having a full page gives you a bigger canvas and allows an advertiser to tell a story,” Peretti told me. “And that’s what good advertising was in the Mad Men era of advertising — really thinking about a brand and what stories should it tell. Selling the content is important in any advertisement as well as staying true to the code of ethics.

In recent Barbie campaign, Mattel uses uplifting quote "When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become." Barbie commercial gives motivation to the generation of the future that with their barbie doll they can become anything they want. As a young female adult I have witnessed the progression of advertising and the use of females in advertising. In many advertisements focused on women it is along the lines of "Sex Sells." It is refreshing to see that brands are now highlighting women in a positive light especially to the future generation of women.

 "Word of mouth" is the biggest form of advertising. I am a twenty year old college student and the barbie commercial was posted everywhere on my social media. The reputation barbie is receiving is uplifting to the company and only feels appropriate with the Holiday season approaching. With many competitors in the toy industry, the consumer will remember the Barbie commercial and be more likely to buy.

Between Ad Blocking and Ad Makeovers many people choose to ignore pop-ups or read and share them. We love ads, we hate them, but companies are still paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to create them. They catch our attention they get to the point. There's a reason we have over 6 commercials between one episode of our favorite TV series. The entertainment industry is making money and the brands are benefiting from the views.

Regardless is our commercial breaks are filled with retail advertisements or political threads the struggle of advertising will always be a problem to society. It is refreshing to see new campaigns such as Barbie that not only advertise their product but good morals. Throughout the TV industry children are often exposed to negative information via media. Through good word of mouth and good brands we can only grow from the negative spotlight to see the good in advertising. Advertising is a top priority to many brands, it's the creative director that controls the outcome of a good Ad.

So, next time you are complaining of the excessive long commercial break take the time to realize the story that was being told. Be like Barbie, have an imagination it's the key to a good story.

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