Friday, October 2, 2015

4 Videos Eliminating Gender Stereotypes

 Jillian Kata

Sometimes, for advertisements to make an impact, they have to tug on heartstrings, support a powerful cause, or take a stance on a controversial issue.  Many of these advertisers have joined a campaign to end gender stereotyping. Below are 4 advertisements that have made an impact on doing just that:

1.     Like A Girl
The always ad shows different people asked to perform a physical activity “like a girl” would. When asked to run “like a girl”, they all begin to run daintily and slow. Then the ad brings in young girls who are asked to perform the same activities “like a girl” would, and they all run, throw, and fight as hard and as fast as they can.

This advertisement brings forward a stereotype that says women are weak.  The term “like a girl” has always been seen as an insult and Always is trying to say that.   The commercial aims to show women that doing something “like a girl” is something they should be proud of, not ashamed of.

 Discover more about this campaign here.

2.     Get It’s Time
This ad shows snippets of two people from the beginning of their relationship until proposal.  Throughout the video you can only see on of their faces, while the other is behind the camera filming events such as meeting parents for the first time, moving in together, and first fights.  At the end one of them gets down on one knee and proposes (to the person behind the camera).  When the person steps away from the camera you see it is two men’s’ journey that you have been watching the whole time.  The video goes to show that love is love, despite the gender behind the camera, every love story is important.

Find more campaigns and take actions on the Get Up! website.

3.  See the Real Me: Jazz
In this ad for Clean and Clear, Jazz, an adolescent transgender, describes her struggle of being transgender in middle school and how she has learned to love herself for who she is. She tells us about how others love her when she’s herself and scenes display her playing and laughing with other girl friends.  The video sparks conversation over transgender, and shows how many struggle with gender identity as kids. But the point of the video is: they’re still kids, they’re still people.  They want to enjoy the same friendships as every other adolescent.

Learn Jazz' full story here.

4.     Pantene: Labels Against Women
The video shows a woman and a man of power performing the same actions but being labeled differently.  Where as the man is labeled a boss, the women is labeled bossy.  The video is meant to bring to show both men and women that these labels do exist. Pantene hopes to have people re-evaluate the way they label others as well as fuel women to ignore the negative labels and be confident.

Find the full campaign here.

All of these advertisements and videos are using the power of a product to take a stand on a gender issue.  These videos reach millions and have inspired change across the world. 


  1. Jillian,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog and watching the videos. My favorite is the "Like a Girl" video. If only everyone could think like a child in certain aspects of life. We would all be so much happier and not so judgmental. The last one about labels against women makes me think of so many different situations I have either witnessed or been involved in. Drives me crazy when people put me down or think I have no idea what they are talking about just because I’m a lady. Great post!

    Heather O.

  2. Jillian,

    I think you did an outstanding job capturing the viewpoint of diversity in advertising. Thankfully the younger generation can surpass the judgmental viewpoint towards, women, marriage rights and transgenders. In many of these situations, the world of social media, advertisements and the entertainment field have helped make these problems more acceptable. I enjoyed watching your videos and reading your viewpoint on each topic, great post!

    Samantha Schilder

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your post and all of the accompanying videos! The Always "Like a Girl" ad was my favorite. The older generation of females shown, and all of the males, portray females in a negative connotation because that is what they think people expect of girls. But when you get to the younger generation they do what they know, not what society thinks they do because they haven't been exposed to the negativity yet. They are still young but hopefully with ads such as these they will continue to shine.
    The marriage equality advertisement made me cry. My younger brother is gay so I know that one day this will be him. I just hope that when that day comes everyone is able to look past the fact that it's two males and just see that they love each other for who they are.
    The Pantene "Labels Against Women" hits home with me most because one day I hope to be in a position of power. I am going to be given all of these exact labels, and more, but I need to remain confident and continue ahead.
    It's because of advertising companies such as these that I know the future will be bright for minorities of all kinds. We need to start accepting the changes, and when companies of this magnitude step on board it's only a matter of time.