Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Believe It Or Not

Kaitlyn Shive

The Internet and any form of social media is filled with stories that can sometimes be hard to believe. For many people, if they see that it is on a form of social outlet like the Internet or a newspaper or magazine then they automatically think it has to be true. But many journalists don't realize or know that some of the stories told to them are simply that, just stories.

Many news outlets are considered trustworthy by viewers making it easier to believe the stories they are given. The Los Angeles Time put out an article about USC football player, Josh Shaw who reportedly broke both his ankles from saving his 7-year-old nephew when he was drowning.

Shaw later admitted that he made the whole story up, giving the university run news outlet at USC bad credibility.

Another thing to be aware of when it comes to the Internet is astroturfers. Astroturfing is the use of sophisticated software to drown out real people on web forums.

The fact that there are softwares available to companies to pretend to be their customer comments and what not is disgusting. If I am going to invest money into a product, I want real reviews from real people.
Image by: http://www.rakacreative.com/blog/branding/got-bad-reviews-online-dont-even-think-about-astroturfing/

People everywhere are fighting to stop astroturfing. After hearing what astroturfing was, it really sickened me. I want to be given the truth and to know if what I'm investing in is a good idea or not from people who actually have the product, not basically robots. 

As journalists it is our job to give viewers the honest truth, not try and promote ourselves more by giving fake comments on our work etc. 

Astroturfing is extremely unethical and is growing fast in todays society.

The use of fake personas will not only destroy the Internet as a source of news media but will end up tearing companies reputations in the long run.

I believe astroturfing and lying on the Internet about any news story should be put to an end immediately. 

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