Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Are you Trending or are you Viral?

Tracy Brewer

Content is King, at least that is the old adage. 

But at what price?  Your credibility?  Your values?  Your respect?

It doesn’t matter the industry, EVERY industry has a story to tell.  Marketing and the departments that handle those stories need to be some of the most transparent voices representing the company.  Decisions made on how to communicate with the public are important steps to making the best first impression.  One bad move will take you countless hours to correct.  Granted, the good moves may go unnoticed for many but your loyal followers will be faithful because of the steadiness and dependability your company provides.  

You can have the BEST content in the world and offer unprecedented service but it just takes one bad word on social media to make you feel about an inch tall.  As social media gains respect there are many hints on how to handle the “trolls” that tend to prey on companies (sometimes without much provocation).  

Addressing them and reigning in the audience with sincerity is very important.  Be the bigger person even when it is a challenge.  And follow through with your statements, even if they are online.  You want to be a company of your word. 

Another interesting angle is the video aspect that brands are also promoting.  This great comparison of 2013 vs 2014 brands and the online presence of their content really drives home the “viral” capabilities of a relatable story.  Everyone wants to skip past the commercial aspect of an ad and get back to being entertained.  When a company can find that line that allows their story to be told AND be shared, it’s a winning moment! 

So, does your content need to be the loudest?  The most obnoxious?  Have the biggest tale to tell?  How do you get heard in this web?  And do you want to be viral or be trending? 

Honestly, you just want to be authentic.  People will pay attention when you meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  When you’re honest, humble and trustworthy.  

They will sing your praises and tell their friends.  It’s the word of mouth you want in this age of technology.  The concerns of your authentic story being misconstrued for an advertisement, advertorial or worse "astro-turfing" will be of no concern if you stick with being real and transparent instead of pulling a fast one on your customers and clients.  Focus on being an authentic marketer. 

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