Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keep Creative, Carry On

Gretchen Raque

As journalists, objectivity is one of the most important ethical values necessary. Especially in modern times, when reverse discrimination is just as prominent as discrimination itself. It’s human nature to be uncomfortable around something one isn’t used to. However, as humans, being uncomfortable around each other simply because of difference in skin color is wrong. Granted, historically many were taught to think that way as children; but it’s the same concept as, say, a granola bar. Each brand of granola bar is different, consisting of various calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals. However, each also fulfills the same purpose—to sustain and fill ones stomach. Regardless of taste, texture, smell or size, each is the same on the inside.

Although it is less common from our generation, prejudice is still prevalent in society. Wander the streets of any poor city across the nation and one will find people dressed in rags that may have not bathed in weeks. White or black, poverty is an issue that will not simply disappear. Honestly, there will always be people poorer than you. That is the way our society is set up. With a free market economy, some will succeed and some will fail, but there is always the option to strive for better. I believe this is what makes our nation so great. However, the diverse ‘melting-pot’ of the United States has its flaws as well.

Diversity should be a stepping-stone to better our nation and increase the utility of its inhabitants. It should not be a way to separate us. Sometimes as journalists, in our efforts to increase equality by including minorities in each story, we may be excluding those most important in the story. Each piece of news has a different angle and different stakeholders to take into account. It is important to analyze each as its own body of information and cater to its dynamics as such.

With so many factors to look out for, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But don’t freak out. Whatever initially attracted you to the profession—curiosity, ambition, information—it’s still there. Just be creative in your approach. Think on top of the box. Don’t be just—standard.

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