Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diversity In and Out of the Newsroom

Diversity In and Out of the Newsroom
Nate Podboy

Facing race, ethnicity, and diversity in the work place is a huge ethical dilemma that journalists face every day. Minorities are growing every day and the media is being forced to acknowledge certain individual groups. The incorporation of diversity in the journalism newsroom leads to a huge advantage to connect to the minority audience. As said in Making the Business Case For Diversity, the increased immigration also leads to increase buying power. Using the audience’s background to try and make a profit leads to many ethical issues. Is it ethical to only attract certain races to your program?

According to the article, “Race, Ethnicity, and Student Sources…” facing diversity issues can be hit head on early in the classroom setting. “Infusing the curriculum with discussions on race and diversity…can positively impact the portrayals of race and ethnicity and, ultimately, improve the news product.” The Society of Professional Journalists also says that minority expansion must be acknowledged at an early age so that future journalists-or any American- can become better rounded.

Sensitivity seems to be absent to the certain stereotypes that American journalists carry. Journalists fail to acknowledge certain words that may deem offensive to different minorities. Journalists need to remember the certain political correctness in each of their publications, but many fail to do so including the invincible The New York Times.

Journalists across the United States face hundreds of ethical decisions every week. The issue of incorporating diversity in the newsroom or in their stories is an issue that we need to face head on. The incorporation of racial teachings and understandings is essential in the class room to allow the future journalists to cash in on the many opportunities that diversity has to offer.

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