Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Diamond Jeune

Clickbait is something that is described as not everything you see is what you get. In clickbait you are only provided information that is appealing to the eyes. Meaning that not all of the information that you are getting is in fact true.

Clickbait's main location is through social media. One way to tell what clickbait actually is by simply clicking on it and seeing what it is about. They are either hit or miss. Focus on how long people spend time reading an article away from their social media site, if they read it they found something time worthy, if they remove it its because it wasn't worthwhile.

Clickbait are often considered to be original content that is the reason why there is no problem with sharing it online for your friends to see.

Examples of clickbait stories are 1. Science says lasting relationships came down to two basic traits.

This article is marketed towards those who are married not those where in relationships and the two traits were kindness and generosity and how to show them to your spouse.

Another clickbait example is What Makes Women Attractive.  The six traits are considered to be women who have high voices, healthy hair, smiling, less makeup, red clothes, and larger waist to hip ratio. Rather then being kind and loving being the most attractive things.

What you see in clickbait is honestly what you don't get.

With the advancements in technology you have to be careful in what you choose to consume and take part in. Because often times just because things are out there doesn't mean it is all good.

Live streaming can be fun and wholesome but it depends on what you are sharing.

For example a group of teens had live streamed a man who is disabled drowning and instead of helping him or calling for help they just watched him die.

Another live stream gone wrong occurs when an 18-year-old is driving under the influence
and she tragically kills her sister.

These two different incidences show the drastic and horrific stuff that occurs in the world and unfortunately it was documented.

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