Monday, October 31, 2016

Political Takeover

Madison DeChellis

While November is approaching, so is the presidential election. It is that time of the year where every news station, magazine, newspaper and TV station is talking about politics. This has been a big year for journalists and these news organizations. Every news outlet needs to make sure to cover politics in one way or another. The way journalists are covering politics is what sparks the political arguments and conversations you hear about on a daily basis. But, where do journalists draw the line on what to cover? 
"Odyssey- The Right Way To Discuss Politics"
Truth In Politics

After reading a criticism blog post titled, "Big lie, little lie, and the media's role in telling the difference", I realized the way certain politicians can bend the truth. When talking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and their political views, it is complicated as a journalist to get inside the subject's head to gauge intent. Ethics comes into play while discussing the election. The blog post stated, "politicians stay within acceptable bounds of verification, while journalists largely refrain from passing judgment on borderline truthfulness." It is important for journalists to stay consistent, neutral and positive while talking about these political parties. 

The Trump Talk

Recently, Donald Trump has been the talk of the town. You can't go without a day without hearing his name. This article talks a lot about Trump's campaign and how it appears to be an opening for news organizations to add value to their audiences. Whether you read an article on The Huffington Post or are watching a YouTube video, there is always a video or article about Trump and his political views. Despite all the rumors and talk of "liars," mainstream journalists continue to stay cautious about what they say. It is important to stay away from labels like, "sexism and racism." Politicians often "tell it how it is." 

Media Coverage

If you are on YouTube or any social media outlet, you will most likely see a political post or ad. Just today, I was on YouTube and the ads before watching the videos were political ads bashing one another. The way each news outlet covers politics differs from one another. In the article, "The Case Against Journalistic Balance," it talks about balance between false equivalence and balance in the media. As editors of a news organization, you should stay balanced between what the media is saying and what is ethically correct. The article states that editors with a strong ethical commitment to balance have said there is no need to public the "other side's" comments. For example, ads bashing other political ads. 

"Their point is that a news story is not a town hall meeting in which every citizen gets to express their views rather than what the reporter and editor decide is true." The Political Insider posted an article titled, "Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump a RACIST... And Trump FIRES Back in an EPIC WAY!" Just the title of this article gets readers to click on the article. "Balance may be necessary to the practice of journalism, but it will never be sufficient."


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