Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Don't Trust You

Brea Burks

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Throughout the semester, we have discussed multiple times that the trust in journalists, advertisers, and publicists is lower than usual. But, according the Columbia Journal Review, only 32% of Americans trust in the media. With the election going on and social media at an all-time high in the world, people are able to put information out about anything and anyone and not worry about if it’s true.

Honesty has left the building

In the article, “Young Black Men See the News Media’s DoubleStandard” by Catherine R. Squires, it speaks on why you wonder young black males always have to second guess every news outlet when they see a similar face in the media. As a black person, I understand that. If news outlets can only discuss why we were killed and how we as blacks could’ve prevented it, do you really have our best interest at heart?  The article also speaks on why should we listen when you only acknowledge our culture for a month out of the year? So you see, if you want to reach an audience, you have to be aware of the different ways you can reach out. Don’t just target the negative aspects of one race, but highlight the remarkable triumphs that culture was able to achieve. Doing this, will give young black men and women the silver lining they need to move forward.

I’m on your side

This leads me also to the topic of reporters and news stations becoming more biased than normal. More and more journalists are stating their opinions into a story without realizing. Now I’m not speaking on TV stations that cater to a certain audience, that’s fine, however, people are skewing the thoughts of readers to have an audience.

I do believe that becoming bias in journalism reached its peak once the presidential election took place. In the article, “Liberal NewsMedia Bias Has a Serious Effect” by Timothy P. Carney, it states how more news writers are becoming more liberal. It also talks about how writers will discuss what isn’t being spoken on when it comes to a debate between both candidates. Having the division of news writers only gives you an audience that you want to reach. So I wonder if writers only want to reach certain people and not get the attention of the whole country. Is it possible that they want their own people who look up to them when it comes to reading their work?


Today, it seems as if journalism has become a rebel and threw the media ethics book out the window. But, we need to change that. Journalism needs to go back to the “traditional” ways of reporting and stick to the facts and the evidence without putting your emotions into the passage. We have lost the true meaning of helping our community receive the proper information. We need to ask ourselves “Do I really need to write this? Is this too close to home?” When did factual content expire? Sometimes, old habits shouldn’t die off quickly.

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